Arkansas State University is undertaking the next step in the evolving technology environment with a move to a system-wide deployment of the Ellucian Banner 9 ERP system.

ASU 2.0 – Unified ERP Project Mission

The project to consolidate the Arkansas State University System into a single ERP system provides all system institutions the opportunity to access shared services, cooperative buying, collaborative support without detriment to each institution’s unique personality, culture, mission, and individual community service commitment.

ASU 2.0 Project Goals

The Arkansas State University System’s goal during this project will be to implement a Shared Technology Platform with Ellucian Banner at its core.

ASU 2.0 Project Objectives

Deployment and adoption of this solution across the institutions will meet the following System objectives:

  • Achieve significantly improved levels of service to students, faculty, and staff with a robust and flexible integrated information system
  • Improve operational efficiency and optimize the utilization of technology systems
  • Implement shared services in the ASU System to streamline support and increase adoption
  • Replace various stand alone and off the shelf applications with a single system approach that maintains the autonomy and internal control of the individual colleges

The Shared Technology System Model

The Ellucian model for shared system technology represents an architecture model that strikes a balance between local services and commoditized practices and activities. A successful shared technology system implementation balances the potential for economies of scale and standardization with the opportunity for deep relationships with and knowledge of the unique attributes of the individual institutions and constituents being served.